The sisterly bond!

Emersyn has started interacting with Gaby a lot lately – and it is so cute, never fails to bring a little tear to my eye.  When I’m changing her in the morning, Gaby sits beside her, and Emersyn won’t stop smiling – and ‘talks’ away to her – VERY cute!!  It’s really lovely seeing that sisterly bond starting to strengthen – I know that Gaby adores Emersyn & loves her to bits, but it is really cool seeing those same feelings starting to show, in Emersyn, with regard to Gaby.

I can’t wait until they can start playing together, and start having fun together – although I’m sure once that begins, so will the arguments & tears.  But I’m even looking forward to those – although I’m sure I’ll soon get sick of them!

Hard to think that this time last year, Emersyn didn’t exist – the idea of a sibling for Gaby, was merely a thought, but now she’s here with us, and our lives have changed so much – it’s hard to even remember back to what was going on this time last year, because it seems like another life.

No matter how hard things are, between Gaby’s tantrums, and Emersyn’s ‘tough’ days, I always count my blessings – because I’m so lucky to have two wonderful, happy, healthy, beautiful little girls.  I find it hard to believe that *I* have been so lucky.. that someone felt that I deserved these two little blessings.

Watching the morning news together

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