More Halloween Fun!

You didn’t think it ended there, did you? I’m beginning to feel ready to get into more fall and – more importantly – Christmas fun, but Halloween should go out with a bang first!

These days, Halloween is nearly a week long if you look for it. Costumes are expensive. Well, all right – we paid a whole $15 on Eric’s, but if you view it as something he’s going to wear once and then be done with, that’s still pretty expensive. So…why just wear it once? Last weekend, a church across the street was having a fall festival & Trunk or Treat, so Eric suited up and we walked over to have some fun!

We ended up spending over 2 hours there without even trying; I looked up suddenly and it was almost dark! They had inflatables, all sorts of games inside, a straw maze, snacks, music, hay rides… A thunderstorm was rolling in, so we didn’t even make it to the trunk or treat! Eric would say his favorite part were the inflatables, but I personally thought the hay fight at the middle of the hayride was hilarious. Two wagons passing each other in the woods, hay flying everywhere…

What’s not to love? Of course, the costume love couldn’t stop there. The last business day before Halloween, a local main street does its own Trick or Treat, so we hit the streets for some early candy on Friday! Apparently this is no longer one of those little local secrets, though, because not long after it started, the crowd got absolutely crazy.

And we still have today’s October 31 Halloween fun to use the costume for!

Make-your-own Decorations. I’ve got a bunch of static clings for the windows, but I’m lazy; I still haven’t gone to the effort of washing the windows and washing the clings so that they actually stick. Eric found a few that managed to stick, and I’ve promised him we’ll get them on the windows before dark… We’ll see. Failing the clings, I pulled out some construction paper, and we had some fun! Danny was more interested in pulling the pieces off than putting them on – my theory is that he learned this from OT about 6 months back, when her introduction to stickers with him was to put them on his arm and get him to rip them off. Anyway, I gave Danny one of deconstruct while Eric started making his own. A little creative cutting on my part (I could have let him do it, except I don’t have any safety scissors for him yet!), some stickers, and some glue covered our windows in Halloween fun!

Not to leave him out, Danny got some representation on our window – I traced his hands and cut them out, then let Eric glue them to a bat body and draw on some eyes with white crayon. Danny thought the tracings were awesome; after they were cut out, he grabbed one and started “waving” to himself with it and saying “Hi! Hi! Hi!”

Carving Pumpkins is always a favorite of mine! I didn’t do a whole lot this year, since I did so much else, but we had a couple of pumpkins we sacrificed to the pumpkin gods for spooky fun. Danny was more interested in just checking out the guts and seeds (and trying to eat a few…yeah, that wasn’t exactly fun). Eric, however, was thrilled to be able to help do the cutting himself this year!

He did a great job with it too, though we did a fair bit of hand-over-hand to get enough strength behind the knife to cut into the pumpkin. He was determined to help the whole time; he had his hand on the knife for every cut, both on the top and on the face! I drew a few faces for him to choose from and, both times, he was determined to have a “mad face” pumpkin. Well, it is Halloween! By far, though, his favorite part was when he pulled the top off of the pumpkin and, instead of the yucky guts he was expecting…

Best pumpkin ever. (It’s magic!)

Both boys also had Halloween parties at school; Eric wore his costume the whole time he was there, and we took Danny’s to class with him. I had invitations to attend both parties, but since Danny gets dropped off second (and so far away from Eric’s school), he won this time; I spent the day in nursery class singing songs, reading books, and playing! We dressed the kids up in costumes and went trick or treating around the school, and Danny did much better than I expected. He wasn’t totally into it, but with some prompting he would go to doors, knock on them (even saying “ah ah ah” for knock knock knock, unprompted!), echo “ih oo ee” (Trick or Treat), and put candy into his bag if I handed it to him (he wouldn’t take it from anyone else, or sometimes tried to put it back in THEIR bowl instead!). There were a few sticky moments of having to stand still and wait – not his strong suit – but I was pleasantly surprised.

And now, it’s Halloween! There’s a mall to be tricked and treated, an annual tradition with some friends, and I’ll probably take at least one of the boys out around the neighborhood, if not try both of them (one after the other – not both at once this year!).

It will be sad to pack it all away tomorrow, but that just means Christmas is that much closer… And if you think I like Halloween, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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