Virgie’s Vegetable Beef Soup

My grandma Virgie was such a good cook. I miss her so much, and I miss her cooking, too! My favorite thing she made was fried cornbread. I’ve tried to replicate that over the years, but I can never make it taste like hers. My mom has been making this vegetable beef soup for years, but I have never made it myself. I didn’t really make it exactly how my mom makes it, or like Grandma did, but it was pretty close. I’m gonna share it with you. Aren’t you special?! I made mine in a crock pot, but the stove works just as well and is probably quicker, but I just love my crock pot so much!

4-6 medium potatoes, diced. You can use any type that your family likes. I used small white potatoes and kept the skin on.
1 large can of tomato soup
1-2 lbs of ground beef
1 bag of frozen vegetables (I used mixed veggies, with peas, green beans, corn and diced carrots, but you can use whatever floats your boat).
1 small onion (or cheat like me and use minced onion flakes)
2 cups of water
3 beef bouillon cubes
salt & pepper to taste – you can also add other spices. I used a little basil and minced garlic as well as Season All salt.

Dice your potatoes and add them to the crock pot. Season them well with salt & pepper. Add your veggies right out of the freezer on top. In a skillet, brown your ground beef with your onion or minced onions. Also salt & pepper your beef as you cook it. You’ll thank me later, for that. Dissolve your beef bouillon cubes in 2 cups of hot water and add to your crock pot on top of your potatoes and veggies. Add your tomato soup and an addition half of soup can of water. Add your ground beef once it is brown all the way through, stir and cover. Cook on high for about 3 hours or low for about 6. Serves about 6 or 7. Enjoy!

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