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Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving was a bit chaotic for us, having traveled 3 hours to stay with family over the weekend. Thankfully, Peanut was such a good baby the whole time, and we didn’t have to deal with any crying outbursts or major upsets. Everyone was amazed how different she was from her last visit, remarking that she…

Sleep Study 11-26-10

The day after Thanksgiving Miss Haven was scheduled to go in to sleep study….which means a lot of driving for mom while dad stays up all night watching her. It’s a 2 hour round trip drive and I do it twice each study – they have to be there at 8:30pm and have to be…

Grieving the innocence

I still post on the Trying to Conceive After Loss and Pregnancy After Loss forums I posted on while TTC and when pregnant with Erin and Patrick.  I feel that I fit in better there than I do with women who are doing either without ever having a loss. But most of the women have had first…


We had a very nice Thanksgiving day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandma made ham and turkey and lots and lots of sides. Haven and I made green bean casserole. She loves to cook and it’s been a while. Adding the finishing touches.

Decisions, decisions…

So, while I’m revamping the blog (and I have major ideas in my head that I want to get out here and share!) I would like to redesign the entire look and feel. Make it a bit more bright and cheery around here! But alas, I suck at finding good WordPress designs for personal blogs….

All I Want for Christmas Event: bumbledoo Giveaway Ends 12/3

If you remember, I posted the Review of my bumbledoo Cloth Training Pants that I reviewed. We loved these Cloth Training Pants and they work awesome on my little girl. bumbledoo Cloth Training Pants are waterproof and breathable with a PUL (polyurethane laminate) outside. They come in several styles: Two Snap Sides, Adjustable Snaps (Fitting…

Announcement: There’s a reason for my depleted brain cells.

Did you know that a woman’s brain shrinks by eight percent during pregnancy and six months post-partum. Eight percent. Apparently, I heavily rely on that eight percent. And this little pumpkin …turned my brain into sludgy mush that spends all day slowly washing back and forth in my now roomier skull. Maybe that’s where the…

And then we take one step back.

Well, after Thanksgiving, I really thought that we are totally past the anxiety phase with Troy. Unfortunately, I was wrong. We’ll never know if it is definitely anxiety or a bug, but I tend to lean more towards anxiety since it’s pretty much the same scenario when he has the symptoms. It’s usually a party/family…

Cutesy Tushies Cloth Diapers Review

I recently worked with an awesome Mommy who makes awesome products and she is now currently one of my premium blog sponsors.. I really take to heart so many WAH mom’s who do such an amazing job and love everything they do! And Cutesy Tushies is one of them. Michelle is the mommy that I…