And then we take one step back.

Well, after Thanksgiving, I really thought that we are totally past the anxiety phase with Troy. Unfortunately, I was wrong. We’ll never know if it is definitely anxiety or a bug, but I tend to lean more towards anxiety since it’s pretty much the same scenario when he has the symptoms. It’s usually a party/family event of some kind in which there is a crowd or people he’s not really comfortable with. He’ll get quiet, complain about a headache, go pale or flushed, then he’s done and just wants to leave or be left alone. His stomach will start hurting and he either feels like he has to throw up or he actually does–even if we leave the situation. He’s done it numerous times, but hadn’t in MONTHS, but this weekend we had a joint birthday party for Troy, Will and my mom. There were quite a few people–most he knew, but some he hasn’t been around a lot. He started out fine, then suddenly, it all began and he wanted to do nothing– no presents, no cake, no ice cream…..nothing. He just wanted to go to his room and be alone or with Jay or me. Most everyone thought he was sick since he seemed okay at first and we’ll never truly know. He had no fever, but he did get sick multiple times–once after we left, and he went to bed at 7. He woke up the next morning with no residual effects and went on about life like things were fine so I really do think it’s anxiety. Maybe it was too much too soon with Thanksgiving being just 2 days before. Maybe it was the anxiety of the focus being on him. Maybe he was sick? We’ll never know and it’s tough to know how to plan for it and I am pretty sure he actually does feel sick so he doesn’t even understand. I just wish I could do something to help him but I am at a loss.
On a side note, Will has shown absolutely no sign of having the same issues. If anything, he’s the exact opposite and seems to like crowds and being the center of attention. He’s definitely a ham!

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  • Poor guy! Anxiety can definitely cause the physical symptoms you described and he probably does feel sick when it happens. Something you can try is to learn some coping techniques that you can teach him when he is in a situation that causes him to feel anxious. It will take time but as he gets older and with practice, he may be able to control some of the anxiety he feels in crowds.