Announcement: There’s a reason for my depleted brain cells.

Did you know that a woman’s brain shrinks by eight percent during pregnancy and six months post-partum.
Eight percent.
Apparently, I heavily rely on that eight percent.
And this little pumpkin

…turned my brain into sludgy mush that spends all day slowly washing back and forth in my now roomier skull.
Maybe that’s where the nausea actually comes from.
Part of my ultimate brain failure during early pregnancy involved leaving BOTH my camera at my parent’s house this weekend. You know, just in time for the holidays. So, courtesy of my cell phone–here is a belly shot at 10 1/2 weeks.

I guess I can’t make a pregnancy announcement without reminding everyone how virtually, nearly, laughably impossible it’s supposed to be for me to get pregnant. I’m thankful that God has, so far, decided to bless us with another child. More than thankful….just…overjoyed.

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