Cutesy Tushies Cloth Diapers Review

I recently worked with an awesome Mommy who makes awesome products and she is now currently one of my premium blog sponsors.. I really take to heart so many WAH mom’s who do such an amazing job and love everything they do! And Cutesy Tushies is one of them.

Michelle is the mommy that I love working with that is behind Cutesy Tushies Cloth Diapers that is full of fluff for my babies’ behind.

Let me tell you about Michelle:

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I decided cloth was the better way to go. Not only because I was sick of he rashes that the boys were getting, but also to reduce my carbon footprint, when I realized when we had my daughter how many diapers a day we were going to be going through with 3 little ones. After trying a few different brands with my sons, I was not happy about the way they fit and how they all seemed to have qualitites that I wanted, but didn’t like the whole diaper. So I took the qualitites that I liked and made my own pattern. After refining over almost a 8 month period, I came up with the Cutesy Tushies design, that we all know and love today!

I work on the diapers in my spare time during the day, such as nap time and then work usually late into the night, to finish and complete orders.

What a awesome diaper and mom’s I don’t just say that. I don’t let just anyone be a premium sponsors and talk so highly of them, so I will tell you that these diapers rock. Michelle hears from me quite often because of my love for these diapers. I have quite an obsession actually! Hehe. I can’t help it.

Michelle sent me one of her pocket diapers in a size large. When I first received this diaper diaper, I noticed the print that I have been looking for everywhere, Elmo print. I couldn’t find elmo print anywhere and she could find it for me. And then when I opened the diaper and pulled out the insert, I absolutely loved the color of the insert. I love that it is very distinct and I won’t put the wrong insert in the wrong diaper.

Not to long after sending me this diaper to review above, I was looking around her facebook and she had an auction going on. So I bid on this diaper and I won it. I was so excited because not only did I get an awesome deal on this diaper, but I love this diapers. And again I received a different color insert, that again is very distinct and I love that.

Baby B fits great in these diapers and they are super trim. The pockets are big enough that you can fit another insert inside of the diaper if you need to for absorbency purposes. The tweety bird diaper has extra PUL then the Elmo diaper.

Even so with either diaper I have never had problems with leaking! These are diapers that are constantly in our bags and always with us for travel purposes.

As you see below Baby B is walking now. These diapers she can easily walk around in and has no problems. We do have a few diapers that are not as trim and she has a hard time walking around in them.

And how can you not factor in the cuteness of this diaper. I mean seriously. I have contacted a few diaper companies and I have never been able to find the Elmo print, and finally Cutesy Tushies and if you are looking for something particular, you can always message her and she can see what she can find.

Do you like leggings on your baby? We love our leggings and Michelle also makes some Cutesy Crazy Legs

All season leg or arm warmers for you baby and little kids! They are great for an effortless way in diaper changing(not just cloth), potty training and also great for crawlers and your little ones just starting to walk! They keep little arms or legs warm and snuggly! A great alternative to pants to show off your cute cloth diapers!!

We have never tried these, but knowing Michelle, I know that they have to be amazing. She is very good at what she does and she is very personable.
This mama even makes wool dryer balls and yes I have an obsession with dryer balls.
Best of all her prices are awesome prices and you can’t beat those prices.
Look for a giveaway coming in January

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