Decisions, decisions…

So, while I’m revamping the blog (and I have major ideas in my head that I want to get out here and share!) I would like to redesign the entire look and feel. Make it a bit more bright and cheery around here!

But alas, I suck at finding good WordPress designs for personal blogs. Need a corporate design for your Fortune 500 company? I’ve got a theme that’ll knock your socks off. Building an online store with WP-ecommerce? 1000+ solutions up my sleeve.

My own personal blog? Pfft… Yeah, I can find great themes for this site! NOT

So you, dear readers, need to give me a helping hand here.

I’m going to be doing a review over the next couple of days on some really awesome diaper covers, and as part of that, I’m doing a giveaway.

Instead of making you jump through Twitter hoops and doing a random giveaway, I’m going to make this FUN.

Retweet the post, and link to a neat wordpress theme in the comments. Whichever design I end up using is the winner!

(If I don’t use a design, I’ll draw someone at random!)

Spread the word – I want as many neat themes as I can!

Review and giveaway to follow tomorrow… Oh, and weigh in Wednesday – well, first that got depressing, and I want to do it again this week, but now my sister is moving on the 1st. ALL DAY. And I mean 8:30am to 6PM or later. And with an almost-4-month-old baby girl, it will be darn near impossible to check email let alone weigh myself and write a blog post.

I do, however, have my runners magazine calendar coming, my subscription started, and a whole bunch of other stuff to inspire me – so I guess I had better get going on those post baby weight goals! I’ve started shedding a few more pounds, but… Well, the skin is getting kind of flabby because I’m not strengthening the muscles while I’m losing weight – so that’s gotta change!

Anyway, as I said – review and giveaway tomorrow, so watch this space!

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