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nature vs. nurture

I’ve noticed a few things in the days leading up to and immediately following Christmas. Some of them have been a bit surprising. First, Santa brought Coral (age 3) a really adorable dollhouse for Christmas, complete with a mom, dad, and cute little twin babies. And she got the world’s cutest dress from my dad…

Reflections of 2010

I still can’t believe that we are in the final week of 2010. The years just seem to be going by faster and faster, but I guess that’s what happens as you get old 🙂 This feels like a big year for me as a mom though. Beginning next year (in Aug. of course), I…

Peanut’s First Christmas

This Christmas was very special, seeing as it was Peanut’s very first one. She even woke up earlier than usual in anticipation, I’m sure, of opening her gifts! We spent a relaxing morning opening gifts and eating a late breakfast. Peanut received a doll baby from her great-grandparents and a rattle, book and homemade quilt…

A Confession

So…. remember how I was saying something about having too many stripes in my closet and vowing to not buy anything striped in 2011??? Technically it’s still 2010. “Don’t blame me.  Sweaters don’t buy people.  People buy sweaters.” But let’s face it, I’m just a few stripes short of being this guy:


It’s resolution season and I’ve been thinking. Not 4am freak-out thinking, but something a tad more constructive than my usual late night over-thinks. I’ve come up with a few changes I’d like to focus on around here. Most of the changes focus on acceptance: 1. I will accept that my boy is done with trucks…

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is offering great deals right now, I’ve subscribed for the majority of this year and found it to be a comforting, interesting resource. I like that it doesn’t come every month, so I’m not cluttered with magazines that come faster than I can sit down and read them. There’s just enough…

Fantastic Foto Friday

Evie is enjoying the Jumparoo she got for Christmas Jonah is enjoying the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo Jonah’s reindeer hat that he made at the zoo

quick and easy lunch

This time of the year, it is so easy to fall back on fast food for convenience. We’ve all been there: out running errands, standing in lines much longer than we anticipated, traffic worse than we imagined, and all of the sudden a little voice peeps from the backseat. “Hungry. Eat lunch!” Is it lunchtime…

Christmas, the Recovery

Thank goodness Christmas comes but once a year. I’m still crawling into bed at 10pm in an effort to recover from the mayhem. I feel like I’m a hundred and eighty. On a different note, I’m entering this Christmasy photo into a Christmas photo contest on a friend of mine’s blog. I have a chance…