About the Kids


Favourite Things: music, puzzles, books

Favourite Toys: drum, pots and pans, tambourines

Favourite Foods: cheese sandwich, blueberries, strawberries, eggs

Favourite Music Circle Songs: I’m a Little Teapot, BINGO, Old MacDonald, Shoo Fly

Common Utterances: “No”, “Water”, “Music”, “Where my drum?”

Favourite Things: all vehicles and motorized things (including lawn mowers, leaf blowers and whipper snippers), arts and crafts (including Playdough)

Favourite Toys: ride-on fire truck, car ramp, dress-up clothes

Favourite Food: peanut butter and jam sandwich, pizza, banana, yogurt

Favourite Music Circle Songs: Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck, Key to the Kingdom, Shoo Fly, Itsy Bitsy Spider

Common Utterances: “Oh wow! Look at that!” “That’s Mine.” “I hungry!” “I see tractor!” (when he hears the tractor outside)

Favourite Things: books, singing, emptying and filling containers

Favourite Food: yogurt, banana, whole wheat crackers, hummus

Favourite Toys: pretend food, Mr. Potato Head, pull toys, red ride-on car

Favourite Music Circle Songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Ducks

Common Utterances: “Blanket?!”, “More cracker?”, “Bye everyones! I say that!?”

Favourite Things: conversation (or any social interaction), opening, closing, and hiding in closets

Favourite Foods: yogurt, pita & hummus, banana

Favourite Toys: car ramp, red ride-on car, ride-on fire truck, shape sorter

Favourite Music Circle Songs: Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck, Ring Around the Rosie, BINGO

Common Utterances: “That’s mine!”, “My turn.”, “Hiiiiieeeeeee!” “Mommy and Daddy.”

Favourite Things: dancing, jumping, playing outside

Favourite Foods: apple, hummus, Nutrios

Favourite Toys: car ramp, ride-on fire truck, talking house, Scout the talking dog

Favourite Music Circle Songs: Zoom Zoom Zoom, Ring Around the Rosie, Bumpin’ Up and Down, Mr. Sun

Common Utterances: “Dipee!” (diaper), “What you doing?” “M.” (her name), “Water”, “No pushing!”

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