All I Want for Christmas Event: CSN Stores $50 Giveaway Ends 12/3

I know you all have heard of CSN stores, because I previously was able to do a review from CSN stores, but this time I get to do a giveaway, a $50 giveaway.
I love looking around CSN Stores though because they really do have so much to offer.
The other day I was looking for a briefcase because I was looking for something that worked better for my laptop when I had to take it home. I often am on call and when I am on call, I need to take the laptop home.
But they have so many things. The hubs and I have been talking about getting the girls rooms cleaned up real nice and getting them new furniture. And CSN stores, has so many to pick from.

We have been looking for a rug for so long to put down in our basement which is the girls playroom and we have not been able to find the right one. We found one while searching around CSN stores though.

Lastly, I am doing the All I Want for Christmas Event, and it is about Cloth Diapers, right? Well thats right CSN Stores also sells Cloth Diapers. Thats right, I said it Cloth Diapers.
And I’m kind of jealous you guys get this awesome giveaway because, I really wanted to get some Babykicks in colors. All I have is white, and colors would be so awesome to have.

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CSN Stores would like to giveaway to one of my reader/followers a $50 Gift Card to use somewhere around CSN Stores.

So, hopefully you already did your Extra Entries at the beginning when we announced this “Extra Entries” and you could get the extra entries. But my fans want easy and I am here to give them easy. So, the ones who did the extra entries, make sure you note them in the form below.

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