Attack of the Clones

Plenty of siblings look alike. When I look at people’s siggies on JustMommies I can often see strong resemblances between their children. I have always known my girls were incredibly similar – they have even been mistaken for twins. But now there’s a new face to add to the brood and again the resemblance is so strong. My kids look like clones – I realised just how much when I uploaded my Christmas pics.

These photos were all taken around 2-4 weeks old…

First, Angelica:

And Natasha…..

and finally Sam:

I can’t wait to see how many similarities and differences they develop as time goes on!

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  • my kids too! I recently found an 18m picture of myself and compared and they look just like me. So not only are they identical to each other….they look just like me. lol

  • Wow!!! Natasha and Sam really look alike! If Angelica’s hair was a tad lighter…..
    They are all adorable!

  • Brittanie, that’s so cool! I think I have a baby photo of me somewhere, I will have to try to find it to compare myself with them.

    Valerie, That’s the one difference really, Angelica’s hair was a bit darker when she was born, it’s still a shade darker but otherwise they’re so alike it’s spooky!