"Make It" Monday

Today was the first day of the kids’ Winter Break.  I told them early on that if we were going to survive the next 2 weeks they had to pace themselves.  That meant no pestering me to take them anywhere or fighting over the Wii or telling me they were bored.  I cruelly forced them to help me clean the house and then, with visions of going to the bowling alley on Tuesday dancing in their heads, I dispatched them to the basement for some televised entertainment.

Surprisingly, after the children departed the main floor, not a creature was stirring.  In fact, it was so quiet that I actually got bored.  Enter Katie.  We decided to convene at my house for a grown up craft day.  We spent the entire afternoon at the kitchen table making jewelry.  Fortunately, I am a craft hoarder, so I have a bountiful supply of *stuff* to work with.

Name your poison.

Katie was working on a ribbon necklace for her mother-in-law, and I was copying a necklace I’d seen here for my babysitter’s two daughters. 


It only took a one”Dr. Phil”, two “Judge Judy’s” and an assortment of Bill Kurtis’ “American Justice-s” to finish.

I think they turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself.

As a reward for all of my hard work and attentive hands-on parenting, I decided to take a night off from cooking. I discovered that tonight only Chili’s was offering a deal where TWO kids ate free for every paying adult.  That’s music to the ears of those of us with giant families.  I called my friend Kristi (whose husband was out of town) and she agreed to meet me and Rob at the restaurant.  We entered like some kind of Mormon reality show: Rob, me and Kristi, and our combined eight children.  Happily, our brood behaved and we managed to squeeze in a decent meal before the snow really started to pile up outside.  I brought Eliza’s BFF, Maura home with us.

The second we got in the door the girls were on me to “make” something.  We whipped up about 5 pounds of “Puppy Chow”, then I pawned them off on Rob, who entertained them with YouTube videos of frogs farting “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and an assortment of “Annoying Orange” videos.  (Have you seen these?? WTH?  Bizarre.)  That only lasted so long before they were begging me to “craft”.  Well….you know how I feel about THAT word.

The girls made message boards out of some old picture frames we had in the basement.  It took us about 20 minutes to make them, but they spent over an hour writing on them!

Eliza penned a poem entitled “Winter”.

Maura started a “To Do” list of what she and Eliza would do in the morning.  First on the list?  “Wake Up”

I have just swept the last craft scraps off of my floor and I am ready to craft myself a cozy spot in my bed!  On my “To Do” list tomorrow?  Sleep in.  (as if).

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