Just Write #4

As a part of my new posting ideas here is this weeks Just Write Post, participating from DishwaterDreams.com. If you want to see this weeks and others CLICK HERE.

Writing Prompt #4 – Joy
When was the last time you felt joy? Write a poem, blog post, fiction, or anything you want to telling us about something, someone, or sometime that made you joyful.


This is an odd day to write about Joy. Why? Because I’m not so joyful right now! lol But the last time I did feel joy would probably bee a few days ago… I came to moderate some comments on my blog and guess what?! I had 200 FOLLOWERS!! How awesome is that. I did a lil happy dance and just wanted to go and hug every single one of my followers. There has to be something that bloggers can do to send a BIG THANK YOU to all of ya’ll! But this is the best I’ve got….

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