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A dino hunting we will go.

This week in Zach’s class, they’ve been studying dinosaurs. To end this special dino-filled week, the class is having the Great Dinosaur Extravaganza. (Seriously – nothing is funnier than hearing a bunch of snaggle tooth first graders trying to say “extravaganza.” lol) Tuesday, his teacher sent home a sheet about this extravaganza. The students were…

Oh, Boy

“Dad? May I have that cupcake?” “Eat five more bites of broccoli, please.” “I did it! Give me the cupcake right now! Now!” “Wow. What are we teaching you?” “You’re teaching me to have sugar.”

Gwendolyn’s Legacy

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Last night in TCF chat, I asked for suggestions. I wanted something I could do to honor Gwen tomorrow. The response I got was wonderful. A very wonderfully supportive woman named Joanna suggested that I ask people to do a good deed in Gwen’s honor to…

Devastation hits my city.. It’s bad this time.

I am really emotionally drained, and pretty much traumatized.  I had just arrived at my parents when the quake hit – I had put Emmy on the floor, went to smell Mum’s flowers she got for her birthday, and then the house started shaking. I raced to Emmy, falling over on the way, and knew…

Intro to Cloth Diaper Series: What Are Sleeve Cloth Diapers?

Welcome to my next installment in my Introduction to Cloth Diaper Series. This week, I am tackling Sleeve Cloth Diapers. Never heard the term before? A “Sleeve” cloth diaper is basically a pocket diaper but with an opening at the front and back of the diaper. In the best situation, this means the insert should…

Homemade Bread

Just over a year ago, I was blessed to receive a bread maker for Christmas. I was so excited to start making bread – I thought I was going to do so much baking with it that we wouldn’t need to buy store bread anymore. Well, if you’ve ever baked much bread before, then you…


“So, Mom? I didn’t play with anybody at school today.” “Why not?” “No one I wanted to play with wanted to play with me back.” “How was that for you?” “It was okay. I am good alone sometimes.”

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Egg Salad Sandwiches Tuesday: Chicken n Rice Casserole Wednesday: Chicken Teriyaki w/Mushrooms Thursday: Leftovers Friday: *Birthday Party* And here rolls in another BUSY week! I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, nor sorted through my all coupons! Ahhh! Wish me luck! Check our OrgJunkie.com Organizational Challenge… she hasn’t posted this week’s Menu Plan Monday, so…

"Rare But Equal"

Today is the 3rd annual Rare Disease Day. What is Rare Disease Day, you ask? It is a large event organized by EURORDIS in an attempt to raise worldwide awareness for all rare diseases. Forty countries are participating this year (including the US). There are 7,000 rare diseases in the US. Combined, these diseases affect…