Monthly Archives February 2011

Baby Shower

Welcome to melodrama, high-maintenance, and many ruined lipsticks. And a lot of cuteness 😉 One of the benefits of having younger friends is that eventually they start to have babies. If you are done having your own babies, watching someone else suffer join the ranks of motherhood is the next best thing. My friend, Meghan…

Overstock Scavanger Hunt #5

Here we are at the last scavanger hung and today we’re Look at “Boys Clothing.” Sadly…. we have no boys! But we plan on having boys. I want two. There really aren’t many boys in our family so we don’t buy or shop for boys too often. Even though we have no boys I already…

Sister LOVE

We are quickly approaching 3. And it is bringing new challenges. Something I will post about separately. But for now, check out how cute my girls are. They love each other so much. When they cuddle, they CUDDLE. These are the moments I cherish. My girls are just too precious for words!