Discovering Eric

It’s not common for me to take a step back and realize, woah, Eric really is growing up! In a way, being 4 seems to be a lot like being a pre-teen; it’s a very transitional age! Eric is in no way a toddler anymore; he thinks in a very complex way, is gaining independence daily, and on the whole he is becoming his own little person. 4 seems so, so big sometimes – and yet, it is so small, too.

One of the things I take total delight in is how much of an individual Eric is. He is not a follower, and even at his parent-teacher conference, his teacher commented how he is a very independent kid. It’s not to say that he isn’t a very social child, too – everyone he meets on the playground is his friend, and he walks up to total strangers (in a controlled environment, like a playground) and announces, “Hi, I’m Eric! I’m 4 and a half!” He just knows what he wants and what he likes, and he has no problem expressing that.

He’s also discovering a lot about himself these days. He’s trying new foods, finally, and is learning to like some new things. He’s trying new activities…like tumbling. He wanted very much to do gymnastics, so I enrolled him in a tumbling class, and he really enjoyed it – he just didn’t seem to do very well following direction, because it was too much fun, too exciting. (And honestly, the class also seemed too crowded with too much free time, so we haven’t continued it after the first month.) Next up? T-Ball. We went to the park on one of these nice Sunday afternoons, and there was a sign for T-Ball. John commented on it, and how maybe we should see about the local league, and Eric piped up, “What’s T-Ball?” I told him, and he got super exciting. “I want to do T-Ball!”

So, he’s signed up for T-Ball this spring.

There aren’t words to describe how much I love watching this kid grow into his own person. I’m excited to see what he thinks of T-Ball, and excited to see what the next Big Thing in Eric’s world will be. Plus…I’m a little excited for Kindergarten, which he is now officially registered for in the fall. I noticed that the Kindergarteners participate in the science fair, and the geek in me loves it! I can’t wait to see what he thinks of it, too.

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  • I can totally understand all of this! It’s so exciting watching them now and wanting to try EVERYTHING!!! Still in shock kindergarten is soooo close, but excited at the same time