Larissa Turns TWO!

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.


If you live in Illinois, you know that the days between August and May can seem endless, because here it’s rare that we enjoy any semblance of definable seasons. We go from hot to cold, sunny to gray, with little variance in between. At first winter is bearable, but as the months march on, the constant stream of dark days hang on you like a frozen albatross. It’s hard to stay hopeful when you can’t know for certain when a true end to the darkness will come. Sometimes – for me anyway – it gets to the point where I feel like light will never return and I have to use ever ounce of my endurance to hang on. Some years, spring takes its sweet time to arrive. Other years, spring decides to give winter an early reprieve. But no matter when it comes, I find myself so grateful for the return of warmth and color, that the grim memories of winter’s depressive drain immediately disappear — as if they’d never existed at all.

Two years ago today, spring came early.

Woo hoo – I’m TWO!
My pregnancy with Larissa was a lot like a Midwestern winter. When I found I was pregnant it was an unexpected surprise – the happiness of which was snatched from us in the 13th week. From that point onward, my pregnancy and the weather walked hand in hand. It was a cold, grim season for both, and I never thought that I’d see light at then end of either tunnel. March 28th of 2007 was, as they say, a dark and stormy night. We drove to the hospital – 45 minutes away – with me in full labor and the weather in icy revolt. At the end of it all, in the early hours of March 29th, our baby girl pushed her way into the world like a determined daffodil.

Here we are two years later, and our lives have never been brighter. With this kid around it’s like the sun never goes down.

Two times the sass!
We’d arrived at the hospital with a long list of names in hand. When we saw our daughter none of them fit, so we scrapped the entire list and started at square one.

Can we do this later? I’m very busy.
Being two.

Because we’d spent so much time debating names before her birth, we felt like we’d exhausted all the options.

Okay, okay…just make it quick.
For the next 3 days, our girl remained nameless. Nothing seemed right for our miraculous girl. Then we came upon “Larissa”, and we just knew.

That’s my name, don’t wear it out.
We really love this kid. She keeps us in stitches.

Gather ’round people. It’s MY day…as usual.

We ended up with a daughter so fantastically sunny that all the months of heavy sadness and dark worry that came before her almost seem unreal.

Make a wish? Are you kidding me? I get what I want. That happens when you’re two.
Although it didn’t occur to us at the time, it isn’t lost on us now that the Spanish translation for “La risa” is literally, “The laughter.”

How can you not love me? I’m adorable!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet girl! I would endure a thousand sorrows all over again just to have the joy of you.

Love, Mommy

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