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While promoting bamboopink, I met Erica over at CafeMom and decided to have a party. I love their products. Why? Well, first, so mommy friendly, and second, you can personalize them! Erica has also donated a small caddy for my Facebook Fabulous Fan Giveaway (opening soon!). Isn’t it adorable? I love that you can use…

Day 10 of 60/300

I think I’m getting sick. This is the worst time in the world to get sick. I’ve been having bouts of horrible nausea. I have to prep my house for a birthday party and get ready for a massive yard sale! Today, my friend Elaine came over to help me sort the kids clothes into…

Chocolate eggs and cuppycakes

Easter has come and gone. Thank goodness! lol My life has been soooo hectic in preparing for Easter, and Belly’s party, and finishing my present for my cousin’s baby shower, I am just so happy that all of it has passed. My life can finally go back to normal. Here are some pictures of the…

Quincy Jane’s Birth Story

You know the part where life gets so good that you have to pinch yourself over and over to make sure it’s real?  I’m there.  All the pieces of the puzzle seem to have come together, and I am as content, happy, and complete as I’ve ever been – which has left me savoring every…

The Easter Bunny Visits the Daycare

The Easter Bunny made a special early visit to our apartment one night last week while we slept. Noah followed all the paper eggs with “N” on them. They led all the way down the hall, through the kitchen , and directly to the chair where he normally eats his breakfast. On the table by…

Friday Five: Good Friday

1) Is everyone ready for Easter? Everything is ready here but the weather. Last year Easter was almost a month earlier and we had beautiful weather. This year? We’re going to be lucky if we hit 60. We girls have our cute spring-y dresses at the ready, but we’ll probably end up with our winter…

Why Direct Sales is Wrong for Most Moms

Warning : This post is likely to make a lot of people angry. That’s good. If they’re angry, they’re thinking. This post also could have been titled : Why You Should Forge Your Own Path In response to a post at MomEO Magazine… Every time I see some poor mompreneur spamming on Twitter, Facebook, or…

Ages and mental pictures

A topic recently came up on my stillbirth support forum asking how we picture our babies.  It was interesting, the varied responses, and it made me think about it. To me, age is a physical characteristic.  Cora does not dwell in the physical realm, and therefore does not have an age.  When I picture her…


Yes, this is why I didn’t blog yesterday. I am in full freak out mode. My house is in shambles and I try to make it cleaner (why does that always happen?!?!) and I have to get it back in order for the party on Saturday while still caring for 4 kids, a husband, and…