Daily Archives April 9, 2011

Back to Basics: A Lesson in Frugality

Last month, we moved into our first house – an out of state move that required lots of planning and praying. God has provided for us in tremendous ways since we’ve been here, but one thing that has been difficult to adjust to is the temporary dip in monthly income. Daddy C was able to…


Ava was discharged from CCHMC 🙂  Her EKG showed sinus tachycardia, and she now has to go to the cardiomyopathy clinic regularly and get echos every 6 months. She has to have an echo within the next week or so.  The cardiologist explained that since she has Mitochondrial disease, she has to be followed closely by…

Mommy Q & A – Clean Knees!

Hi there mommies! I love how, with Spring in full force (at least it is in Texas), I can dress Eli in the cutest dresses and summer outfits. But what else does it mean? More playtime outside and getting dirty! I am not the one that cleans the drain in the sink, so I also…