1 Week Down!!! 1 room complete!

Today marks one week since I began my 60/300 challenge, and today I completed my first room. I absolutely love it and at the moment its the only non-chaotic room in the house so I just want to hide out in it and bask in the serenity of a clean, non cluttered room. I should say its ALMOST complete. I need to purchase a new toilet brush and after I clean out the linen closet/kids bathroom I will be switching the towels under the sink to the linen closet, and our master linens to our bathroom.

Here are my little helpers helping me sort items into my tumblers.

And the finished product!
I love bright colors, and this green and blue are very bright even though they look muted in the picture. We are buying a new camera soon, so no more cell phone pictures! I got the candle for $1, it’s a Glade candle and it smells wonderful. Plus the colors match! I bought a new trashcan in Avocado green too.

Here is a mirror picture so you can see the curtain we hung to use as a closet door. It works really well. It’s so bright and white it makes the colors we used really pop, and it makes the room feel really clean and fresh. And I LOVE that people using the toilet will no longer get a view of our Master Closet. (The Bar is Chris’s pull up bar!)

Another shot of the corner of the sink. You can see one of the shelves we hung up that holds some of the tumblers.

The bathtub area. The reason there is no curtain is we only use this tub to take baths. In our main bathroom we have a shower stall that is wheelchair accessible (and therefore can only be used for showers) so we use that one to shower and this one to bathe. Makes the room seem bigger without a shower curtain. The green Submarine is a kids shower caddy that holds their toys and shampoo/body wash. I also purchased a regular shower caddy to replace the basket I had full of our shampoos. Makes the room so much less cluttered.

The toilet. The green basket holds toilet paper rolls so there is no more running out with guests, and what have you. I don’t like it peeping over the top but I didn’t want to put one roll back in the stockpile area. The blue container is for “reading material” and really helps tie in the blues with the greens. The shelf is the second shelf hung and contains more tumblers!

A close up of both of the shelves. These tumblers are so bright and contain so many colors that it’s really easy to play off of them for accents! I think I may purchase a red bath rug to tie in the reds in these tumblers. I LOVE this idea to house bathroom supplies. I know I can’t be the only one who does this but I did not get the inspiration for this from anyone else. If I do get inspiration somewhere I promise to always link it so the proper person can get credit. In these tumblers are things such as cough drops (so I don’t have shapeless bags hanging around), tweezers and nail clippers since we are always losing them, headbands (until I can find a better spot for them, dang headbands!), medicine droppers/cups/thermometers since we can never find them when we need them, q-tips, chapstick, combs and brushes, band-aids ect. Basically the little odds and ends that can clutter up a bathroom.

I pretty much kept this unchanged. I took it apart and scrubbed it down, but other than that it is very functional and I can’t figure out a better way to have this. It holds my cloth pads (yes, I use cloth pads), my cloth nursing pads (Cloth is my religion), and my hair products like gel and de-frizzer.

And an updated picture of the hair drawer. I removed the headbands (pesky things) and took the lids off and it works so much better.

A reader commented that hanging the head bands on a hanger might work! Great idea! And it’s totally inspired a whole slew of ways to hang the headbands in my room. I don’t want them in the closet and I’m already annoyed that the hair stuff is in multiple locations already (The drawer, the white drawers, and a tumbler) and I want to keep them in one room – but it’s a great suggestion and may work for someone else. Keep the suggestions for home organization coming!
Another project I did today took only a few moments, and although it needs to be modified in some ways – for now this works. I purchased the little pails from the dollar section of Target, and the tray from the seasonal dishes area. The tray actually matches some of the tumblers! I’ve seen this idea across the internet and on a lot of my homeschooling blogs I follow. I originally planned to use a Lazy Susan or turn this into a Lazy Susan but Chris said that he could envision items going flying so we left ours alone. But, if your kids aren’t crazy like mine that may be a great idea.

I used hot glue on the bottoms of the pails and then around the edges after gluing them

I may end up putting a screw through the bottom of the pail to keep it on the tray permanently.
I will take a picture tomorrow of it in use, I simply forgot to take one today. I love this idea, and I hope it encourages the kids to keep their art supplies neat.
And finally – a possible blog giveaway! I came across about 100 ovulation tests while purging my bathroom area. Well they were neatly in a bag in one of my containers anyway. I am so awful with taking these. So my laziness may be one readers gain! Once I hit 50 followers I will be posting a giveaway with a chance for two readers to win a sizable amount of these (as for how many I’m not sure yet). I’m expecting it to be a while but if you are interested follow my blog!

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