Day 3 of 60/300

When we first moved into this home Chris took the door off the Master Closet as it wasn’t designed very well. With the door on it would hit the shelves and make it very difficult to get things into and out of the closet. I HATE this as I hate people sitting on the toilet looking into my closet! The Closet was also given over to Chris for the most part, as his military gear takes up most of it. This was one part of the house I have never really touched and therefore was one of the messiest rooms. I’m trying to take care of the messiest areas first while my drive is still pretty up there.
This is the view people get while using our bathroom

This is supposed to be my side of the closet

And Chris’s military uniforms

And his military….stuff

And the other corner with more stuff.

And after a few hours of taking every single item out of our closet it looked something like this:
My side

The view from the toilet

And Chris’s side

LOVELY!!! However, my room is now trashed while we sort through everything and figure out whats going back in the closet and what is finding a new home. There are a few boxes of pictures that need to be sorted into albums, and the kids baby boxes are being turned into shadow boxes.
Quite a lot of stuff will be sold or donated

Even more stuff is going in the trash. So far my closet looks like this. The clothes on the shelf are maternity clothes that need to be placed in a nice basket when I purchase one.

We are also going to hang a curtain rod and a nice white/sheer curtain to act as our door so people are no longer viewing our closet.
I went to Target today and spent $32 on a curtain rod, a sheer curtain, a trash can (to hold my wrapping paper rolls), and a decorative basket that didn’t quite work for what I wanted so now I need to find a new use for it.
57 days to go $215 dollars left!

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