Day 5 of 60/300 – a day of little productivity.

Do you ever have one of those days where you want to get into your car and drive as far away as possible? Today was one of those days. From the moment I woke up until 9 pm tonight the longest stretch of time I had today without one of the kids crying or whining about something was 3 minutes. I was watching the clock. Of course Chris was flying, so there wasn’t any other adult to give me a break. This is just a glimpse of what life will be like this fall when Chris leaves.
Soooo… there wasn’t a lot of progress made today. I did make the decision to hold a Yard Sale next weekend. I hate yard sales with a passion – so this is major for me. I figure if I sell even one item it’s worth it though. Whatever doesn’t sell will go straight to Goodwill. Two of my homeschool curriculum books sold on Ebay today too. I’m thinking its not cheating if I add that money into my $300 fund, right? I mean – I sold what I’m cleaning out, so it’s like using a coupon! So thats an additional $71 minus shipping!
Here is what I accomplished today
I didn’t want to throw away my babies first bathtubs – you know the one they bathe the baby in right after birth? I still have all four of my kids bathtubs. Some even have their name still taped on it, as the hospital I delivered my last three at makes a sign with their name on it for their bassinet, so we took the sign and taped it to the tub instead. They were holding some of the baby items that hadn’t been placed in their baby boxes yet, but as we are turning the boxes into shadow boxes I needed to do something with the tubs. I’m not sure I like this idea, I hate clutter with a passion, but for now this works. If anyone has a better idea, let me know! I cleaned out my stockpile cabinet and they are now hiding out in these containers – including the tubs.

My stockpile is quite large – especially my body washes. I need to donate about 2/3rds of this to the food shelter. We go through a lot of body wash in this house, though, since all 6 of us use it.

More of my stockpile. I have about 30 bars of soap.

My bathroom is normally quite clean – it’s the room I’m most anal about. However, at the moment it’s catching part of the closet clean up and I’m currently purging a lot of stuff in the bathroom so it’s quite messy right now.

The shoe organizer is a decent idea but it looks way too cluttered for me. I HATE clutter with a passion. So, the shoe organizer is getting sold in the yard sale. The three containers on the bottom shelf in the closet will hold the rest of our meds and such. Until I can think of a better solution. Tomorrow I’m going to Target to purchase a few shelves and some tumblers. One shelf will go in this room and inside the tumblers will go some knick knacks such as q-tips, nailclippers/tweezers, ect. If someone knows a nice way to organize the millions of headbands, pony tails, barrettes, ect please let me know! I’m at a loss!
My husband swears that he is going to help me out this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to make a lot more progress!

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