Day 6 of 60/300

Another day where not much on the house got done – but today was far from productive! In fact, this entry is so late because we just literally got home!

I’ve mentioned the Dave Ramsey method and how we follow it. Recently we paid our Trailblazer off 2 years early, which saves us nearly $400 a month (our car payments were ridiculous!) to snowball on other debt. Chris is leaving in September for at least 5 months and the Trailblazer isn’t a family car as it only sits 5. The original plan was to sell it around September and throw that money on debt, however we decided to sell it early to save on interest and insurance. So we sold it today and Chris bought himself a very old, ugly, cheap BMW. The car is only one year younger than me. But it runs, and it’s cheap, and we bought it outright. The rest of the money is going on debt and a family vacation – our first real family vacation. We’ve gone to visit family in the past but we all know that isn’t a real vacation. So at the end of next month we’ll be going to Mount Rushmore and surrounding areas and camping! So today was spent selling the car, and shopping. A family friend is quite the bachelor and doesn’t enjoy shopping for himself. So in trade he pays me to shop for him and watches the kids (minus Charlie) while I do so. So after selling the car I had to do his grocery shopping and Chris and I went on a date together!

I did make a trip to my favorite store, Target, and bought some stuff to finish up my bathroom. I bought some tumblers, two shelves, and a basket for toilet paper. I also bought 5 plastic shoe boxes for $6! All in all I spent $50 (and purchased 4 mens body washes for only .04!).

Only two pictures tonight! Last night I organized my hair drawer. I used tupperware I had on hand, but a reader suggested this to use to organize pony tails.

Such a neat idea! I may switch to that if the tupperware doesn’t pan out. For now this is what my drawer looks like

It’s not as neat as I’d like but it works. My main issue is the stinking headbands! I have them in a bag for now, but I hate the way it looks.

And just because I rarely get dressed up – here is me modeling our van (not the car we sold)

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