Friday Five: Good Friday

1) Is everyone ready for Easter? Everything is ready here but the weather. Last year Easter was almost a month earlier and we had beautiful weather. This year? We’re going to be lucky if we hit 60. We girls have our cute spring-y dresses at the ready, but we’ll probably end up with our winter coats on over them. We’re having our families over for Sunday brunch and an egg hunt – and to celebrate our two girls’ birthdays. Crossing fingers for sun.

2) My kids have the day off from school today. Here’s what they’ve been doing for the past hour:

Notice the gender divisions? Boys on electronic devices. Girls watching TV. There’s a ban on gaming during the school week so of course our sons were up at the crack of dawn to get their mitts on the ipods/iphones/DS.

3) I did manage to pull Eliza and Weston out of the electronic force field long enough to have them help me make breakfast. We don’t normally have such fancy eats, but for some reason I found myself with an abundance of potatoes and apples this week, so we made them into apple cake and a Spanish tortilla.

The back plate used to hold bacon. That’s what’s left after Weston ate the “good” (ie. crispy) parts.

4) Although weather-wise the view outside the window hasn’t been so hot, we have be receiving a steady stream of visitors to the bird feeder which makes it feel a little more springy, I guess. They seem to come as couples — there is a pair of doves that visits regularly and also a pair of cardinals. These little chickadees are our favorites, though. Kellan calls them the “Banana Birds”.

“Hey baby, come here often? You’re a pretty cute chick.”

5) Kellan found a brand new game of “TWISTER” at the thrift store the other day and was insistent that we get it. I haven’t played this in years, and let me tell you, the other night when I played it again will definitely be my last. OUCH. My old body doesn’t twist like it used to. After one round I made Rob play.

How do you like that saggy diaper?
The kids lasted about 2 rounds, but then it pretty much turned into an hour of this:

Oh Spring, please hurry up. I need to get these kids outside!

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