Going green!

I’ve decided I need to make more of an effort to ‘go green’.  After the earthquake a lot of our essential services are badly damaged – particularly the sewer system… because of this I’ve decided to start using a ‘menstrual cup’ – namely a Femmecup…  I know it isn’t recommended to flush tampons down the toilet, but I have to admit that 9/10 that is where mine end up.  Now however I won’t have that problem!  I always used to scoff at the idea of a menstrual cup & think they were a ‘tree hugging hippy’ product, but now I totally see the point of them, and think they’re a fabulous idea.  It just so happens that my period is due in the next couple of days, so I’m now gearing up for my first use of the Femmecup.  It’s just one more thing I can do for the environment, and for my decidedly fragile city!

I’m also researching other ways I can go green – and I think I might give making my own household cleaner a go – it seems basic enough, and if it is effective (which by all reports it is) – then what do I have to lose?  If anything I’ll save myself a few dollars!  In all reality I don’t know how much difference *I* will make to the world, with my individual attempt at going green, but I figure that if anything it will be something I can feel good about!

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