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Yesterday I saw that the Daily Challenge for 4/11 was about GAS! Funny thing I had been journal-ing my MPG’s for about 2-3 weeks now and my results are pretty standard, but also have some odd findings as well. What I looked at what brand of gas the first two weeks and then speed the last week 1/2.

For the 1st week (Week or March 20th, started mid-week) I started when I used the van (we have a dodge grand caravan) to drop off hubs, which I really didn’t like because I waste more GAS! And for the first week I was putting the Valero brand gas (it was cheaper). That turned out to be horrible. I made my usual trips, taking Vet to Karate, and then picking up Hubs, nothing else.

Then on the 2nd week I switched to Exxon & Shell branded gasoline. I had a few extra trips that week, going to CVS…… Check out the results! In the end, we aren’t putting Valero brand gas any more.

On the last week and 1/2 I watched speed! I usually watch my speed anyways, but for most of the week I went the speed limit (65+). Then the rest of the week I was closer to 50-55 and WOW! What a difference. So… I’m thinking that I shouldn’t drive 55 on the express way because I might cause an accident, but I can drive up to 55 on the frontage (off expressway) but not get as many stop lights or just time it right so that I don’t have to stop!

Week 1: My MPG was 15.8 on average!
Week 2: my MPG was 17.4!
Week 3: 20-21 MPG!

So I’ve included the challenge for yesterday because it just so happens to talk about what I wanted to talk about today! haha…. Head on over to see today’s challenge and everyday!

#CTWW – Daily Challenge for 4/11/11

Happy Monday, everyone! Here’s your challenge:

Keep your highway driving speed between 55 and 60 mph today. For most vehicles, 55 mph is the most fuel efficient highway speed and will save you up to 20-30% in fuel costs compared to driving at 75 mph. Automobile emissions are one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases. Don’t idle your car at drive-up windows. If you have to stop for more than 10 seconds, you will save gas and reduce greenhouse emissions by turning off your engine.

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