Shuffling Round the Lake

Dustin got home early from work today, which was a nice surprise!  He was coming in the door right as we were heading out to play for an hour or so before nap.  So, instead of the usual walk around the block, then head to the backyard to play with trucks routine, we went to the lake about a mile up the road from our house.  I did get a little more than I bargained for, as I was not intending to walk around the whole darn lake, but I survived and it appears Quincy is behaving and won’t be born on April Fool’s Day, despite her father’s best efforts.  Lawson ran his little balance bike around the lake, up and down hills, around corners and over little foot bridges, which were “kind of dangerous.”   Naomi enjoyed her ride in the Bob compliments of dad then got out at the end to explore the boat at the dock.  It was a great way to kick off April!  Much better than having a baby the day before a full-body massage!  Priorities.


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