Top Toys for Infants 0 – 3 Months

Finding new and exciting toys for babes can be hard sometimes. They grow and change so quickly that it can be difficult to know what will keep them interested in a toy. During the first months of their lives, newborns do not even play with any toys. Once they do develop an interest in toys, they have little hands that are not able to hold onto anything that is too big. If you are shopping for an infant, here are some toys that make great gifts for babies about 3 months of age. These toys are a great choice because they can grow along with the baby.

1. Lamaze Mortimer the Moose
Lamaze Mortimer the MooseLamaze Mortimer the Moose
This Lamaze Moose is super-duper cute. The really fun baby toy has teething elements with textures and it also has stimulating colours and patterns so there is something for your infant to have fun with almost any time. The toy has a link which allows you to attach Mortimer to a car seat handle, a stroller, or a baby carrier so that he can go anywhere with your baby. From the chewy antlers to the stretchy legs to his big and crinkly hooves, Mortimer will make the perfect best friend for any infant.
Aden & Anais Isse BlankiesAden & Anais Isse Blankies
2. Aden & Anais Isse Blankies

Little ones love to have a little blankie to snuggle with and carry around with them. Aden & Anais Issie make the perfect lovey for a baby because they are the right size and they are super soft. There s a silky edge that gives small fingers another option for soothing. There are 2 blankies so that you can wash one and use the other, or hold one tucked away for the day that the first one needs to be replaced.

3. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Night & Day Discovery Toy
Skip Hop Treetop Friends Night & Day Discovery ToySkip Hop Treetop Friends Night & Day Discovery Toy
This small toy has lots of fun features to entertain a young baby and it can be played with for many months to come. This super cute owl flips over and is asleep on one side and wide-eyed on the other. The clouds and the leaves on the top of the soft ring crinkle rattle and squeak. There is a small mirror on the apple for baby to see his reflection and the leaf on the bottom can also be a teething toy for your little one.

4. Cloud B Sleep Sheep
Cloud B Sleep SheepCloud B Sleep Sheep
This fuzzy sheep may help your baby sleep a little better. There is a sound box inside the sheep that plays a small variety of sounds-from heartbeats to rain and whale songs to soothe your little one and mask any distracting noises that may keep baby awake. Your little one can be soothed by the sheep and drift off to sleep peacefully with more than 20 minutes of soothing sounds. There is a loop on the sheep which allow for an easy attachment to your baby’s crib.

5. Lamaze Chime Garden
Lamaze Chime GardenLamaze Chime Garden
When your baby learns to touch the flowers on this toy she will be greeted with some pretty music to listen to. The toy has five brightly coloured flowers on long stems that make up the Lamaze Chime Garden. You can set it to different modes so that each flower plays one note, a piece of song or a full song when your baby touches it. This is a toy that will encourage exploration on your child’s behalf and encourages them to learn. This toy also looks different from different angles so it is a fantastic toy for babes who are learning to sit or crawl because it encourages them to seek a different view.

6. Infantino Foot Rattles
Infantino Foot RattlesInfantino Foot Rattles
Around three months, baby’s feet and hands become their favourite play things because they are always close by to reach. So these cute foot rattles add even more interest to an infant’s feet and they stay put because they are attached to a pair of socks. The money and elephant characters are positioned in a way so that the baby will want to move and stretch to get a better look at them.

7. Sassy Butterfly Rattle and Teether Set
Sassy Butterfly Rattle and Teether SetSassy Butterfly Rattle and Teether Set
This rattle is very easy for small hands to hold so it is a fantastic toy for even the youngest baby. The set includes five of Sassy’s wonderful rattles, each in a different shape. Some of the rattles have clear sections with bright colourful balls inside, some have softer teething sections and some have plastic rings around them for extra sight and sound stimulations. All of them feature Sassy’s feature bright-coloured spots and stripes. They are cute, inexpensive and easy to throw into a diaper bag for travel.

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