Why Direct Sales is Wrong for Most Moms

Warning : This post is likely to make a lot of people angry.

That’s good.

If they’re angry, they’re thinking.

This post also could have been titled : Why You Should Forge Your Own Path

In response to a post at MomEO Magazine…

Every time I see some poor mompreneur spamming on Twitter, Facebook, or any other online medium about how great their “company” is, and how you can make bazillions in your underwear in 45 seconds, I cringe… I feel so bad for them. Direct sales is just not the right business for most moms…

Now, don’t get me wrong – some people thrive in it and make great money. Fantastic!

But I hate direct sales. Not just for me, but for all mompreneurs. Why?

Because there is no meaning behind it.

I enjoy turning moms into meaning-making machines – sending them out into the world with knowledge of who they truly are, so that they can change the world. And unless you’re unlike anyone in direct sales that I’ve ever met, you aren’t actually passionate about Avon, or Watkins, or Partylite, or any of the other direct sales businesses.

The people who started these businesses had a vision – a mission – a meaning. Many of you are just joining to make some cash, and because you like their products (some of you – others don’t even like them, you were just told you could make money to stay home with your fam.)

And while there is nothing wrong with doing something to make money, there is something desperately wrong with doing something just to make money. (Before you get defensive, it is nothing wrong with you – just with the system and promises they make.)

Especially because chances are, unless you’re one of those few that are passionate about “building your downline”, you’re not going to see that great of success.

Me – I’d rather see you turn your passion into a new vision for the world.

Do you polish rocks? Knit? Sew? Enjoy taking photos of nature? Like to eat at restaurants? Write? Read? Breathe?

Any one of those things could be turned into a successful business if you’re passionate about it – and likely for an even smaller investment than the direct sales company.

I’m going to put this out there…

I want you, if you’ve read this post and I’ve got you thinking, to email me.

For the rest of this week, I’ll coach anyone who emails me to make a decision about what business they want to be involved in – even if that means staying with your company.

I’m not against it in principle – if you find that you’re really, really passionate about this, then our email conversations will only further affirm your decision to be part of that company, and make you more passionate!

But if there is even a seed of doubt, and we can work together to discover your true passion – then we’re working on changing the world.

Either way, I’m happy.

And no, there is no catch. No upsell (although I might invite you to the upcoming workshop, I’ll only do it if I believe its the right fit for you.) Just free coaching for the rest of today and until midnight tomorrow – Pacific time! So you East Coast ladies get a bonus ;) It is now 2PM, so I’ll be holding this email coach-a-thon for 34 more hours.

Just a note :

I had not at all planned to do this. Not even when I started writing this blog post did I know I’d be offering free coaching by email until midnight Friday. So please, please be patient with me – my inbox may get completely flooded and I have to give you all my real, full attention. I apologize, but I will respond to you all – as long as I receive the emails before midnight Pacific on Friday evening.

To get the free coaching…

1. Email me : Email me at [email protected], telling me about yourself, your company, why you joined it, and what from this blog post made you want to talk to me today.

2. Follow me on Twitter. Not just because I want more followers, I’ll be doing updates about the status of requests through Twitter for the next 2 days – it is way easier for me that way. Look for the tag #freecoachathon for updates about the status!

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