Daily Archives May 7, 2011

Catch up

A lot has happened since my last post.  Ava has been inpatient twice in the last month for cyclic fever and hypoglycemia.  She also had to fast for an echo (she’s been having tachycardia), which didn’t go well.  She can’t fast with her blood sugar plummeting.  Pedialyte doesn’t help, it doesn’t have enough sugar in…

Day 18!

I’ve slowed my productivity waaaay down. I have been feeling so run down since my sunburn happened. It’s actually taken a lot out of me. I’ve also decreased my meds quite a bit, and that is making my EDS feel much worse, which doesn’t inspire me to get up and clean and purge. But –…

Keeping busy

Well as many of you know we have been OVERLOADED and busy……I’m so happy it’s spring finally. Other than all the ticks – which I can’t understand why it’s so bad this year – we’re enjoying the outdoors. My only issue is the ticks – we live in critter country! We found a new park…

Saturday Snapshots

A before and after addition! I’m working on the decorations for Belly’s room. Not sure if I’ve ever shared pictures of her room, but it is bright bright crayon green and yellow. Nothing matches it. lol Well, Ryan’s Sesame Street bedding does, and, truth be told, the room was painted for him originally. This gives…

Look what my coupons can do!

After a 4 month break, I am back into the couponing game! This past Sunday was a great week to start collecting coupons again, as 5 inserts were in the paper with many high value coupons. This is my first time couponing in our current town, so it’s been a bit of a learning game…