Baby Gourmet Review + Coupon Code!

Just because we’re a business blog doesn’t mean we don’t get to do some neato reviews around here… And this is one of them!

A while ago, I was sent a sample pack of Baby Gourmet.

Now, I have to be clear – we don’t actually use baby food in our home.

We practice what is called Baby Led Weaning – which is really just skipping purees and giving (safe, baby sized portions of) what we already eat. However, anyone who has practiced BLW will know that everyone wants to “feed the baby” – and there are some days when you’re just not eating the right things to feed your child the same food. So, every time someone wanted to feed the baby, or we decided to have peanut butter sandwiches and beer for dinner (LOL), we used Baby Gourmet.

One of the main reasons we chose to practice BLW instead of jarred baby food was because of the additives, preservatives, and flavorings in the usual baby food. And, of course, we’ve all seen that ridiculous Baby Bullet commercial talking about the work of pureeing everything… Running two businesses out of the same household, I just don’t have the time or the energy to make it all myself.

Baby Gourmet solves both of those problems!

Isabella just loved it, every time. By the time she was 8 months, she could devour a whole package! The packages are great, too. Squeezable with a baby-mouth-sized-spout – so you don’t really need a spoon. We used one because I kind of sucked at getting all of the food from the spout into her mouth, but that was more likely a user error than a packaging flaw.

They make big promises too, like saying that even grownups will like it. I’ve even heard of people using them as bases for smoothies! (Yikes!) Since I would never do that with traditional baby food, I was a bit nervous to taste this stuff, but I had to taste it before I gave it to Isabella.

I gotta say – Old Fashioned Apple Crisp was my favorite! I actually like it. Not “I’m writing this review so I’ll say I liked it because it was free” – I actually would eat that again. I’m having a craving for it as I type this. I could almost heat it up and eat the pouch myself, if I wouldn’t feel totally guilty taking food from my daughter (and watching the heartbreaking look on her face, because she loves this stuff too).

There wasn’t a single flavor she didn’t like… Not a flaw in the packaging we could find… And the ingredient list read like a shopping list for the farmers market. That’s something I can get behind!

And as an added bonus, I don’t even have to buy it online. I can buy it at the grocery store. For the first time, I’ve found a crunchy-mom product I like that is actually in a local retail store. WAHOO!

Want a deal?

If you want to try Baby Gourmet, you should like them on Facebook. Right now they’re celebrating 2000 “likes” with a coupon code that gives you not only free shipping, but 15-35% off all orders! But I’m not going to give it away here, you have to Like them on Facebook to get the code!

You can also Follow them on Twitter, and Visit their Website!

We don’t often do reviews here. And when we do, it is only for products by mompreneurs and only for products we would actually go out and buy ourselves. This is one of those products. Hope you enjoy!

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