Breaking news – I’m not rich.

A lot of business coaches, experts, and professionals have a tendency to pretend that they live in an impenetrable fortress of success. That they, unlike you, drive Bentleys, live in giant mansions on the California coast, travel the world first class, and never eat caviar before noon.

And you’re probably expecting me, someone who talks about a concept like “branding”, to be just as amazingly successful and unreal. Every other coach is, that is how they learn to coach people – by making themselves successful.

Well, no. That’s actually complete horse-poop.

The coaches we tend to see brag about their own success, and then the success of those they work with. Which is great, I mean a lot of them are very successful. But how does that really help you?

I mean, sure they know how to work in their underwear and make quadrillions of dollars – supposedly – but do they actually know how to teach someone *else* to do that? Do they even know if it will work for you? A lot of them are clueless about coaching when they start.

What you find on these pages is a bit different from a traditional coach in that – well – I’m just like you.

There are months when work gets slow. There are times when clients don’t pay on time, and it delays my own bill payments.

My husband lost his job in September of 2010. He tried to start a business, and kind of gave up. I didn’t realize that until a month ago.

All of a sudden, our savings were gone, our income was gone, and I had been focusing so much on helping him build a business he wasn’t even emotionally invested in that I had all but closed up shop on my own. Now all of a sudden, I have 6 weeks to replace our income.

I decided to focus on working with mom entrepreneurs to create the same kinds of success my clients in other markets had seen, and it hasn’t been a cake walk. Long hours, work is getting more frequent but is still sporadic, and bills don’t pay themselves. I’m missing so much of my daughters life sometimes in front of this computer that I purposely shut it down, and just go snuggle with her before I forget who I am.

I don’t live in some fairy dream world where I’m this amazingly successful billionaire trying to teach you how to be “like me”. The amazing thing is, I’ve created millions of dollars in revenue for my clients before. They were usually single men, not moms, but still – I did it. I helped them build some wildly successful businesses, some still making six-figures – some have been sold for over a million dollars.

Moms face unique challenges when building a business. Challenges like the ones I face – that is why I wanted to tell you my story.

Sure, you can use this against me. If I’m not making millions for myself, what do I have to offer?

Well, I have my ability to show you how to make your own millions – or thousands – or hundreds. Whatever your desired level of success is.

And when I do that – when I’m helping moms everywhere see a bit more success with a bit less time away from their families, the hard parts will ease.

Like you, I’m a mom.

Like you, I have real bills to pay – this isn’t just a hobby, this is my livelihood.

Like you, I want nothing more than to do what I love in my business, shut it off in the late afternoon, and spend more time with my family.

Maybe like you, I had to stop in the middle of this blog post for a round of “this little piggy”, some nursing, and 3 tries at “peek-a-boo!” before the little one lost interest and went back into Daddy’s arms.

Then Daddy sighed. I knew what he meant. I’m still working, not just playing. I’m at home. I should be playing.

I’m a real mom entrepreneur.

I live it every single day, just like you do. The only difference between us is that I can teach you some amazing things about branding yourself – about being personal and real, relating to people on a new level, and marketing your business from a place of authenticity rather than image.

This post is me. This post is real. This post is not some marketing ploy, a branding strategy, or some kind of tactic to make you warm and fuzzy.

This is me, finishing up this post. Because like you – I need to spend time with my family. As noble as it sounds to say I do everything for you, my readers, you all know that isn’t true. You don’t want it to be true. A mother who would sacrifice all of her time with her family for her blog isn’t someone I could relate to very well.

This is me, hoping that my readers get some value from this. Hoping that you all can understand where I’m coming from. Hoping that it inspires some of you to get out there and be yourself, without the filter.

This is me, saying goodnight. Because – well – there is a lot more to me than just a blog, a business, and a brand. And I have to nurture those things, too.

This is me, logging off for the day.

</work day>

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