CTWW – I’m back!

Change The World Wednesday is hosted by Reduce Footprints, an awesome blog that I came across through the Green Blog Hop and jumped right into the challenge. I plan to participate every week and hope to inspire and spread the word so that others can participate as well. If you participate, just leave a comment on the current challenge and you will get featured on the following weeks challenge. You can learn all about it HERE!

Ahhh, it’s been a while since I’ve contributed to the #CTWW weekly post, but I’m back! So let’s get right into it!

This weeks challenge: Indoor air pollution and toxins. It’s going to be seriously hard for some (it is a challenge after all) and a “breeze” for others. Here we go:

This week, stop smoking for at least one day (forever would be better) … yep, 24 hours … no smoking! It’s hard but I know you can do it!

Or …

If you are not a smoker, remove toxins in your home by cleaning (yep, dust is a toxin), opening windows (fresh air, sunshine and a rainy day actually help clean indoor air), adding a plant to your environment, etc.

Or …

If you don’t smoke and have already taken the above actions, please let us know about any other actions we can take to purify the air in our homes.

By the way, if you have a challenge idea or would like us to tackle a specific issue, please write to me HERE.

Until next time …


So….. DO WE SMOKE! Noo!!!! I’m so lucky to have nobody in my family smokes! On my hubs side we do have like 3 smokers, but we don’t visit them often.

So about the challenge…. I love to open the windows! So this week we’ll keep them open a few days. And the weather has been pretty awesome…. cloudy and cool! I also don’t use harmful chemicals or I try to keep it down to a minimum. To clean I use vinegar for steaming the floors and in our laundry and it smells CLEAN.

So are you up for the challenge?! Let me know how ya’ll plan to tackle this challenge! You can also tweet using #CTWW and get on next weeks blog over at Reduce Footprints blog!

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