Deals & Steals @ Walgreens

With my recent problems with WAG… I hadn’t been in about two weeks, I was a bit nervous that my trip wasn’t going to happen. I did this  adding in like 20 minutes, so I may be off a bit!
1- Oscar Mayer Lunchables Reg. $2.99, sale: 2/$3, $1.50 ea.
used 2 $1q
OOP: $1, got $1 RR
like FREE

2-Gillette reg. price $12.99, sale $9.89
foil $1.69
3must -$.89, sale $.39
USED: 3 off razor, 1off foil, 1RR
OOP: $7.12 (.39 fs), got $5 RR
(like paying $1.89 for razor/$.69 for foil/overage $.61 on candy)

2-Scotch Envi $1.99 B1G2F
finish – $3.48
M&M’s $.39
Used: WAG $3.98,  $.74 q, $5 RR
OOP: $.13, got $1.50 RR

3-Tostitos $2.49
2xPepsi $.99
2x 20oz Cokes $3
USED: -$1.50 RR, (didn’t take $1/2 20oz Cokes)
OOP: $5.97, got FREE RED BOX

reg price: $32.34
used: $17.73
FOOD: $7.75
Products: $6.86
Also went to H-E-B, but only bought bread (birthday party) & Ball Fruit canning mix… It was on clearance for $.34! I bought 3! But here are some deals that are worth taking a look at!

Smartwater $1 (got $.75off)
HCF refried beans 32oz $1
HEB foil 25ft $1
HCF led quarters BBQ Seasoned chicken $1/lb
small red delicious applies 4/$1

Hawaiian Tropic & Banana Boat save $2/coupon in paper (check for “B”)

B3G1F Gerber Graduates Pasta pickups (coupons)
Lots of goo combolocos!!

Sorry this is a bit unorganized… but MAMI is sick and just wants to go take a shower and rest!
Oh! and did you hear? I’m getting a coupon class together! Both local & online! Check it out on my facebook fan page:

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  • I love Walgreens. Maybe I’ll start posting some of my deals on the blog too. I didn’t make it to Walgreens this week but I got some great deals that I am proud of at Meijer. I am a wannabe extreme couponer.