Family Business

Not all mom entrepreneurs are sole proprietors… No, many mom entrepreneurs are actually partners in a business with their significant other or other family members. Sometimes, this makes a great solution for moms who need more flexibility with their work, who wish to work in a business that requires more time commitment than is possible while caring for a family full time.

Right now, this is what my husband and I are looking at. I love doing the training I provide here at CrunchyBusiness, but it basically just pays for itself right now – there isn’t a lot of profit yet. It will come in time, I suppose, but I’m making real differences for mom entrepreneurs, and I feel that matters more for me than the bottom line.

Hubby and I have always had a dream – we’ve always wanted to run a campground. Dismissing the romantic notions of being able to sit around and make money while camping, we actually want to organize activities for campers, renovate, maintain, manage, schedule, decorate, and do the day to day operations of a campground. We love being outdoors, so this would be a great business.

It is also a business that costs $500,000+ cash (and a few million in capital from lenders or investors) to actually start – something we, like most of you, don’t exactly have just laying around.

To make that dream a possibility, we’re looking at what we can do together.

What strengths of his can I compliment? What passions do we share? What experience do we have that works with the other person’s experience?

Running a family business with your significant other gives you more time, more flexibility, and possibly a more profitable business (given the time resources available).

Have you ever considered running a business with your significant other? Do you? Share in the comments!

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