Friday Five: Wax On

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here are 5 things for the day.

1)  The 5th graders at our kids’ school do a wax museum every year.  They each pick a famous person to research, and then they have several assignments to complete.  The culmination of the project is this wax museum where the students display posters and dress up like their person.  They stand perfectly posed until visitors push a button that then “activates” them.  The child gives a 30 second speech in character.  Weston’s person of choice was Robert Ripley, the creator of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.   This is one of the times where Weston’s quirkiness really pays off, because when it comes to projects, he always picks subjects that are slightly off the beaten path and therefore (to me, anyway) a bit more interesting.

Kellan, Rissa, and I went to check out the scene this afternoon when the museum opened.  The other grades were viewing the museum, so when I arrived, Eliza’s class had just walked in.  Nothing takes the wind out of your sails faster than when your little sister hangs around your display with all of her super pesky friends and messes with your mojo.  Weston was trying to stay in character and hiss insults at her at the same time.  Good thing I was there, otherwise there would have been a wax museum meltdown.

“Believe it or not, my sister is really annoying.”

Weston’s display & poster.  His activation button (on the lower right) was a shrunken head 😉

2)  Weston’s project came on the heels of two other projects that Hayden had due the previous week.  I found myself going totally “Tiger Mother” over the boys’ work.  What I discovered was that, left to their own devices, my boys are completely satisfied to settle for mediocre.  They don’t put any thought into their finished products.  They do slipshod work and then moan with indignation when I so much as suggest that perhaps they aimed a little low.  Rob and I differ in perspective here.  He thinks that they should “suffer the consequences” for shoddy work.  But here’s the thing – they never do.  Because these days, mediocre is considered awesome.

3)  Speaking of projects, all the 3rd graders at our school participate in an economics fair.  Each child has to make 50 items to sell at the Spring Open House.  They use the proceeds they earn to pay for a class picnic.  Eliza picked something fairly easy to produce until her teacher convinced her that, instead, she should sell the flowered headbands she always wears to school.  Mrs. K can kiss her end of the year teacher’s gift good-bye, because thanks to this *fantastic* suggestion, Eliza has already mastered a key economics concept:  farm the work out to cheap labor (me).   Actually, of all my kids, Eliza is the most industrious, so at least I won’t have to call into play my Chinese alter-ego.

4)  This is my favorite photo of Larissa these days.  This is totally her – a happy, mischievous, free-spirited girl with a blanket and a bink 😉  She’s like a real, live gingerbread girl.

Can’t catch me!

5)  Murphy is becoming quite the social butterfly.  We try to hit “Hound Town” a few times a week, and whenever we go, he is quickly surrounded by friends.  There’s nothing older dogs love more than a young, inexperienced puppy.  It cracks me up to watch him get schooled by dogs half his size.

Goliath surrounded by Davids.

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