Green Tip Tuesday – Drink Green

So today I was thinking about what to blog about, and then I was talking to my mom about the wedding we went to this past weekend. So I thought I’d post about how to drink “Green!”

  • First… Go with GLASS! It’s much more prettier, no? And recycling glass is more eco-friendly than recycling cans.
  • Less packaging = Less waste!
  • Buy a Keg! What? Yes, buy a Keg! Why? Well, like the tip above, less waste!
  • No “SOLO” cups, especially if you have a keg. Use reusable cups; that way, those “SOLO’s” won’t end up not “SOLO” in the landfill!
  • Organic! Yes, there is organic beer. I have never seen it, so don’t know if it’s much more expensive, but ask about it.
  • Local Breweries… It’s always best to buy anything local. Some local breweries may even be better than the ones you drink now!

Some additional wedding tips. If you’re going to a wedding and know some of the other guests going, offer to go together (designate a driver) and split on the cost of drinks & gas! Agree on a cut-off time. This may be awkward or weird, but it’s never very nice to see a close friend so drunk they can’t even stand up.

So next time you go to a wedding, be a bit more greener! Oh, and if you’re wondering, I don’t drink. I did go with Hubs to pick out a drink. We went with Crown Royal, and we kept the glass, it’s so pretty! We had a great time. Hubs got drunk; his cut off was 10pm, but he went till 10:30, lol.

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