How to Market a Cloth Diaper Business

Or “How to Sell Lots and Lots of Diapers!”

In my digital travels, I’ve come into contact with many, many moms running cloth diaper businesses. Whether you sew your own, retail, or wholesale, a cloth diaper business faces a multitude of unique challenges. If you yourself are in the cloth diaper business (or any business for that matter!), read on to discover how to market a cloth diaper business!

Before you put up your website, decide on a name, decide what diapers to carry and what color scheme to use, etc. You need to stop, sit down, and think about someone else : customers. Specifically, your customers.

Diaper businesses have one major obstacle that I see almost daily – they all blend in. It’s hard to stand out when you offer the same product as a million other websites, but diaper companies often make it harder on themselves by neglecting their USP – unique selling proposition.

It seems that most diaper companies are split between marketing as “eco friendly” and “budget friendly” – and some try to ride the fence and be both.

Even those who try and niche smaller than that are too afraid of niching down to actually say so. Recently, I spoke with a cloth diaper store owner who prefers to ship her diapers locally only. What do you see when landing on her website? National shipping in Canada for a set price.

Does “National Flat Rate Shipping” say “I prefer to ship locally?” No – it says exactly the opposite!

My advice to this cloth diaper business would be to scrap the national flat-rate shipping, remove all provincial, national, and international information from her site, and plaster information about diaper and crunch resources in her local area everywhere.

She started the business because there was no one local selling cloth diapers – and if you stumbled on her website, you would think there still wasn’t anyone selling cloth diapers in her local area.

This mompreneur has lost her USP in her struggle to conform to what a “cloth diaper business should look like.”

What is your USP?

Do you really like all-in-one diapers? Are you passionate about them? Sell ONLY all in ones. Become the source for all-in-ones and any and all information about them. Plaster it all over your website and every one of your marketing materials that you ONLY sell all-in-one diapers. << FYI, anybody ambitious should take on this idea. This is probably a six figure business idea.

Do you like selling locally? Plaster it all over your website!!

Prefer selling only girly diapers? Boy diapers? Gender neutral? Specialize, and tell everyone!

The cloth diaper industry has gotten large enough that selling cloth diapers isn’t enough of a specialty anymore. If you want to make any real money as a diaper business, you have to find a specialty.

Figure out what made you switch to cloth to begin with – what products made cloth easy for you? What products made you smile? What about cloth diapering did you love? Make that your business and you can’t fail!

Cloth diaper businesses, weigh in! What makes a difference in your marketing? Could you use some direction with your business? Post your URL in the comments!

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