I’m feeling a little bit uninspired today… Maybe it’s from taking a weekend off, maybe it’s from being concerned about finances right now, maybe it’s PMS – who knows? In any case, I feel like I need to review some of what inspires me today.

I’m inspired by my husband, who has almost completely taken over the household chores in the last week so I can continue working.

I’m inspired by my daughter, whose smile can light up the world. I mean, just look at her – watching the hockey game in her jersey, cheering for the Canucks!

Speaking of which, I’m inspired by the Canucks… 40 years without a Stanley Cup, and they still play with heart. Hope this is your year, boys!

I am inspired by my mother, who managed to raise 3 kids, keep a house running, and keep a marriage together through all kinds of trouble.

I’m inspired by the thought that it won’t always be this hard. That maybe, next long weekend, I’ll be able to take off and go camping with my family.

I’m inspired by my readers, who always have nice things to say and (hopefully) take my advice and run with it!

I’m inspired by my secret project, because you’re all going to freaking love it!

I’m inspired by other moms who make this work.

I’m inspired by other moms who don’t – and instead stay at home without a business, or work outside of the home.

I’m inspired by the sunshine trying to peek through the clouds right now.

I’m inspired by the fact that I’m starting to finally smile a bit right now.

I’m inspired by the fact that this blog post is starting to write itself a bit more.

I’m inspired by cooking, and by the possibility of blogging about some of the meals that I make – after all, this blog is for mom entrepreneurs. How many moms do you know who cook? EXACTLY!

I’m inspired by what inspires YOU – so tell me, mompreneurs – what inspires you?

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