JustMommies, huh?

Today I was sitting around in a bit of a funk, feeling discouraged.  You see I love JM and some days I look at how much we’ve grown and other days I think about how many moms don’t even know we exist yet.

Most of my JM family knows that I am the cofounder of JustMommies. As the site has grown, I am not as connected with everyone as I used to be.  The site is just too big now for everyone to know me personally and for everyone to know my role.  JM is my baby.  I am the one that came up with the name for JustMommies and my twin sister and I worked together to get it off the ground.  Now, 7 years later it is a huge site and while I am no longer an owner of the site, it is still my baby and I still spend a great deal of my time working on making JM better.

As I was thinking about my feelings I decided to write out a post.  I find myself always wondering how much to share online and how much to put out there.  Will this sound professional?  Am I sharing too much?  What will people think of me if I post this?  I am very down to earth and consider myself a pretty normal mom, which is one of the reasons I think JM has been a success.  My sister and I were “just” regular mommies.  This is what inspired our name and this is what I want for JM.  I have always wanted it to be for regular moms, and a place where I would be proud for any of my mommy friends to visit. 

What gets me discouraged?  When I’m on JM around all my friends, I start to feel like everyone knows about JM.  It’s a huge site and has lots of great content, great forums, a great blog; therefore, most moms should run into us at some point if they use the internet.  Right?  And then, my bubble is burst.  Every time I meet a mom in my real life and excitedly tell them about JM, I wait for them to say, “oh yeh, I’ve been to your site and give me some sort of compliment about why they like it.”  Not only do I not hear the great compliment, I’ve found that I’ve yet to meet a friend in my real life that has even heard of us.  That is just very discouraging. 

So today as I am moping a tad about this I’ve decided that this is the year that things change.  JM has steadily grown over the years but this year I want to see it grow by leaps and bounds.  I want the next time I meet a new mom and tell her about JM for her to be excited and say to me, “oh I’ve been to your site!” 

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  • Patty,

    When I stumbled upon JM in October of 2006, I thought (and still do) this was the greatest website. I am constantly talking with my family or friends about how I love my online friends. Having been a young mother, this website connected me with so many supportive women and forums to get me through questions I was worried about asking. Had it not been for this website, I’d have likely not breastfed my children, or tried cloth diapering. What I am saying is, I hope you know; that for those of us who do find this site, WE LOVE IT. Any time I hear about a pregnancy, I feel like it’s my duty to tell them about my wonderful experiences here.

    I, too, am shocked when I learn people don’t know about this website. Maybe it’s silly, but whenever I watch a show like baby story or even teen mom..I wondering what their JM user name is because I assume everyone would want to be apart of this kind of community. All women, from any life situation have always been welcome here.

    I just wanted you to know that I found JM, I love JM, and I am here forever.

    Megan a.k.a. M3ggi3yam

  • Thanks Megan. I am hoping to continue growing without losing the personal feel we have.