Menu Plan Monday – 4/18

Here we are at another Monday! I’m here in my pj’s, in the dark with a bit of sunshine gleaming through the sides of our black-out curtains in the living room while Hubs and Eli sleep. Did I say I got a new laptop?? Yup. Uncle sam was a bit kind to us this year and we already have a few things off our to-do list, like buy me a laptop (I think it was a sign that I was hogging Hubs laptop) as well as pay some of my moms back taxes & property taxes (which seem to never go away). If we have anything left over I want to get a new ‘eco-friendly’ toilet as well as fix a small leak we have in the backyard, from what? I have no idea… but that might have to come first. Other than that… I need a cell phone, but that might get pushed back a few more months or a year. I haven’t had a cell phone in over a year and before that I didn’t have one for a few years. I’m good without having one, but having one just makes life a whole lot easier.
Let’s get back on track here! MENU PLANNING. On Sunday we enjoyed the day together, with my mom and girls and we took some trips over to CVS and Target. I got a chance to look at some great and not so great deals. ((I have a complaint again, which reminds me I need to send an email over to Target)) Which I’ll explain later today, if I have time.
I have yet to go grocery shopping, so this is a pre-menu plan;Tentative, meaning it may change.

Monday: Mini Pizzas with salad


Tuesday: Bacon n Eggs

Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken Casserole

Thursday: Home-made Burritos with Corn on the Cob

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Daddy’s Favorite Meal

Sunday: Leftovers

For Monday I’m doing “Mini Pizzas” It’s really just a regular sized pizza and I’m cutting them into small squares. Why? Well, one so that they last longer on the plate and…. well, that’s it. Because usually when we make pizza the girls just eat half the pizza, because the toppings magically disappear and they leave the crust for the dog. This way I have a better chance of having some and my girls may just pop the whole pizza square in their mouth versus picking at it…. Pizza Experiment #1…. BEGINS!

I will have a recipe up for my Home-made burritos! YUMM…. i can’t wait, because there’s nothing better than an awesome tasting home-made BURRITO! I may also have a previous post up for Daddy’s Favorite Meal because I think I’ve posted it before… I’ll look and then hyper-link it. It’s a perfect recipe for Holy Week.

As always, I’m linking up to Menu Plan Monday. Hop on over and take a look to see if you see any of your favorite meals or get ideas for you this week (or month). Take a look HERE.

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