Star Wars Birthday Party: The Numbers

photo by Karen
30 inflatable light sabers were blown up by Jeff while sitting in the car in the Target parking lot.

72 chocolate cupcakes with Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire decorations were baked by my mom.

23 of Bob’s closest friends bounced in the bouncy house at the indoor playground.

3 shoving matches broke out in the bouncy house at the indoor playground but none resulted in blood injuries or insurance co-pays.

2 Jedis were tipped 15% for their non-union acting and spectacular swordplay.

6 minutes were spent with Bob trying to work out the logic of how Anakin and Darth Vader could be in the same room at the same time if they are the same person.

29 boxes of Ewok Food were distributed.

5 extra large cheese pizzas and 28 juice boxes were consumed.

1 more annual appearance by the Princess Leia caftan.

And 1 extremely happy 5-year-old Jedi.

It was a good day.

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