Take heart, mom bloggers…

Just a 3am note, because I wanted to share something I’m giggling about right now.

One day, you’re going to be merrily blogging along, and you’re going to start getting emails via your contact form about SEO services or marketing services or some random service. Usually, the email will be written in horrible English. Around the same time, you may start to see an increase in spam comments, spam user registrations, and trolls (people who post hurtful, rude, baseless comments on your site like “ur gay” or “thats dumb” in order to antagonize you).

First, install plugins to combat spam… There are probably a million of them. I like invisible defender because it protects all forms, you might like others.

Two, giggle. Happily.

Getting spam in comments and forms and having trolls on your site means that you’re getting attention. You’re worth spamming. And in a world with a billion blogs that nobody even reads, being worth spamming is something!

It has always been at the cusp of success for every site I’ve ever worked with. We’ve had to develop anti-spam measures right on the edge of a major community forming around the blog.

So if you’re just starting to get spammed and thinking, “sure, I get spam, but real people won’t comment…” – Wait for it! It isn’t far off ;)

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