We’re both starting school!

Tuesday 10th May is going to be a very big day for us… it’s the day Emersyn begins at daycare!  Over here we refer to all daycare as preschool, so if I use the term preschool, that is why.  I’ve decided that I too am going to start school, this coming July – to complete my BA, after what feels like 1000 years… I’m going to major in library studies, so I can get a good paying library job when I graduate.  I was going to start in February, but missed the enrolment cut off – and I’m glad I did now, because I know there is no way I could have studied during the aftermath of the earthquake.

I thought it’d be a good idea to get Emersyn transitioned into preschool/daycare long before I started, so I could make sure that she was going to be okay there – and if it turns out she’s not ready for preschool, I could try to make some alternative arrangements, before school starts.  We went in last Wednesday & spent half an hour there, and she seemed quite interested in what was going on around her – I have a feeling she’ll be just fine.  Gaby started at 13 months & she adapted within the first day, and I am hoping for a similar response from Emersyn, although I know it will probably take longer with her, being that bit younger. 

She is at the same preschool that Gaby is at, so at least I know the staff & feel fine leaving her with them – they are all so lovely, and seem to really love their jobs – and the kids!  I am hoping that if Emersyn has a little trouble settling in, that they’ll allow Gaby to go down and spend a little bit of time with her – having something/someone familiar there will probably make the whole settling in thing, a lot easier.  As it is, I’m only a 5 minute drive away from preschool, so can always pick her up!

So from now until mid July, on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons I’m going to have 4 hours to myself!  MYSELF.. Me… Alone!  What ever will I do with my time?  No doubt miss my girls!

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