Fairy Fun with Friends

My friend Melissa had a charming idea to make a fairy house with her daughter. They covered a box with some leftover hot pink contact paper and various decorations and put it outside for the night. A real fairy came overnight and left “pixie dust” behind. The excitement was contagious, as her daughter called mine and the two of them talked all about fairies. (Much reference to the movie, “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.”)

We went over to her house that day, hauling along extra crafts and a baby wipes box. The girls had a great time building fairy houses together, then watching the movie with a snack.
With plastic rose petal curtains, felt beds, and pom-pom ball pillows, I’m sure the fairies that have been visiting each night have been hospitably comfortable. Furthermore, the look of pure joy expressed each morning as the girls discover the magical glitter pixie dust left behind is priceless!

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