Happiness and Seesters

Why is it that the people that drive you the craziest are the ones you love the most? My sister and I are, for the most part, polar opposites. We were always pretty close growing up, but we fought like cats and dogs. She screamed her head off if I even set foot in her room, and I… well, let’s just say that on occasion I gave her reason to do so. Sometimes, when I watch the Kardashian shows, I think we’re a lot like them – only Robyn and I are pale, much less annoying and/or rich and, oh, I have no butt. Ha! What I mean is, we totally bicker and fight all the time. Of course, we also make up like ten minutes later.

Usually, I only get to see my little sister about twice a year. Three times if I’m lucky. She lives a good 9 hours away, and between every one’s work and school schedules, it isn’t always easy to plan around each other. Add a toddler and two step-kids into the mix, and the chances of me actually visiting her have basically become non-existent. Would you believe that the hubs and I have been together for six years, and he’s never once been over to her neck of the woods? And me? I’ve only been there once during all of this time, and only because I hitched a ride with my Mom. Pathetic, I know.

Family has always been incredibly important to me, and yet I have let all of this time slip away. The distance between us sucks, and it’s up to us not to let the physical distance become emotional as well. She has, year after year, done her part. I have always told myself that it’s just easier for her to make the trips back and forth.  And to an extent, it is. But it’s just not a good enough excuse, and I’ve always known it. Each year, I have promised to visit her and then subsequently broken that promise.

This year, however, will be different. I was originally planning a little weekend trip to Savannah for my birthday. That, however, has been scrapped in favor of taking the hubs and the H-monster to VA to see my sister and brother-in-law. I absolutely cannot wait. The drive is going to suck, yes. But the fun we’ll have while there will be absolutely, positively worth it!
Two months to go, Robyn!

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