I’m Following My Heart

Because following your head makes more sense.

Sometimes in life, you know what you’re supposed to do. In this case, it would be to panic.

I mean, to come to the realization that everything you’ve dedicated your life to for the past 7 years – what you honestly and truly believed you were meant to do and enjoyed – really isn’t what you were meant to do, and you didn’t enjoy it as much as you thought… That sucks.

To come to that realization with rent a month overdue, no sources of income, an unemployed husband, and a 10 month old daughter to support – that sucks even more.

But the problem isn’t that I can’t “follow my heart” or “chase my dreams” (after all, my dreams aren’t running away – I don’t have to chase them. I just have to stop telling them to leave.)

The problem is that our society almost expects everyone to put what they want on the backburner to do what they have to do – and it almost never ends up working out anyway.

Let’s take an example… I’m sure you all know someone who has lost their job in the recession, right? And out of all of those people, there was probably someone, somewhere, who decided that they would use this as an opportunity to figure out what they really wanted to do, but before they could figure it out – they needed cash to support their family. What did they do? Probably go and find a job – any job.

And how did that work out?

Fired, laid off, quit, demoted, promoted, whatever – they didn’t stay in that job for very long.

One day, everyone comes to the realization that they aren’t doing what truly makes them happy. Sure, they might be doing something they enjoy, but a lot of the time, they wouldn’t be doing that if money and time were no object.

Take my husband for example – he started a business to work with seniors entering care when his own grandmother had terminal cancer. He knew a lot about the system, knew he wanted to learn more, recognized a need to help the caregivers (like his mom), and thought he could fill that need. But what would have happened if he had unlimited time and money when his grandmother went into care? Would he have started the same business? No – he wouldn’t have.

But now, we’ve finally figured out what we both should be doing – and we’re following our hearts.

Darren and I are building our own wilderness retreat, complete with rustic cabins, “backwoods style” camping, kids camps, and BBQ concessions on long weekends. On a lake. In the woods. Together. Starting right now.

For that and other reasons, mostly enrollment, the June Mompreneur Success Series is cancelled. I simply cannot dedicate myself to 3 months of group coaching calls with the limited enrollment we’ve had, while I’m going to be focusing so much on this project. Building a resort is no small feat – and it takes a lot of long hours and concentration to achieve. For those who have enrolled, I’ll be providing one year of one-on-one coaching by email – I am truly committed to your success!

I’ll still be providing coaching on a limited basis to the general public, and of course I’ll still be on this blog sharing business tips and stories about my life – but I’m going to be focusing on our resort for some time coming. The Marketing Mom Membership will be shut down as well. All existing members will get to continue with the video that is already up, but all PayPal subscriptions will be cancelled.

About working with my husband…

Everyone always has recommendations for married couples… Don’t work together, don’t spend too much time together, etc. etc.

Blah, blah, blah.

We work well together. Sure, it isn’t always smiles and fun – but what is? Our relationship not only survives working together, it thrives. We both grow as individuals, as well as growing as a couple. Plus there are no arguments over childcare, no missing each other, and better communication because we’re forced to put our crap to the side for the sake of our business.

This is our dream. We’ve talked about doing this since the day we met, and we’re doing it now. And it’s going to be amazing.

Readers, what is your dream? Why have you/haven’t you followed it?

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