I can you hear in my head now.

…and for the record, getting on to me never does any good.

I totally never posted my Sunday Scrapbooking. I kept thinking, “Dangit! I only made 2 pages, and I’m actually not crazy about either one, so I’m just not wasting my time.” But, um, I made three pages last week, and I kinda really like 2 of them. lol So… I’m not sure what I was thinking yesterday. I think my brain was too eager for the start of True Blood Season 4 yesterday to make much sense of anything else. As it is now Monday, and we did discuss this some Saturday, I am too much a creature of habit to actually do my Sunday Scrapbooking on Monday. That would just be… wrong. lol But I will post small clickable versions of the layouts, so if you want to see them you can.

Next, I got some pretty awesome news this weekend, but I’m not sure if I can share it yet. It has to do with scrapbooking, and no, I still haven’t gotten accepted to any full-time teams yet. I do have a few months of guest spots coming up though. I have the rest of this month through the end of August with SuzyQ Scraps. August I’m guesting with Stolen Moments. September I’m guesting on The Lily Pad’s site team. Finally, October I have a guest spot with another designer, but since she hasn’t announced who/when her guests are, I don’t know if I can tell who.

The boys went back to my mom’s Friday night. While I loved having them home, and miss them terribly again, I wasn’t too sad telling them bye. lol Of course, they were pretty awful while they were here. They always are when they go and spend any real time at my dad’s; it’s like we have to reprogram them. Then, when we finally got them back to the way they are supposed to behave, it was time for them to go.

Last piece of news, John got his septum re-pierced. He originally got that and one of his tattoos done right after he turned 18. When he got the job at the shop he’s at now, he was told it was OK to have, it just had to stay flipped into his nose, since he didn’t interact with customers. Then, about 3 years ago, they started sending him on part runs and picking up and dropping off cars, and it had to go. He decided since he was promoted again (a few months ago) to a full-time auto-body repair technician (fancy name for the guy who gets the dents out of your cars lol – OK he does a lot more than just that but still…) and has virtually no interaction with customers, he would get it re-done. It looks so funny now, because before he had it stretched, and they didn’t give him a size option on the piercing, so it’s this tiny metal thing in it now. He told me I can’t take any pictures of it until it’s stretched some more.

Not a piece of news, but I did my first actual attempt at drawing in like 4 years last night. The odd sketch to plan out stuff or to help a boy with school work doesn’t count. I drew a cartoon version of my favorite picture of Ryan from Friday. Oh, the glasses are because every superhero needs to protect his identity. lol
DSCN9762 copy

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