Menu Plan Monday

Yeah….. I’m a day late! Boy have things been like super busy around here! I’ll just skip all the mumbo jumbo and get to the Menu Planning… I kinda did make a menu yesterday while I was making lunch, but it really didn’t fall together right because I’m out of hamburger meat!

Monday: Twist of Lime Not Quite Tacos, Tacos (I used the “Hint of Lime” Totistos Tortilla chips instead of taco shells, but oh so yummy! I also used some salsa to add to the rice & made refried beans!

Tuesday: Creamy Chicken n Capers with Red Potato Mashed Potatoes & Green beans!

Wedensday: Grilled Cheese with tomato soup (Lazy Day!)

Thursday: I have my Coupon Class (Leftovers)

Friday: Pizza n Spaghetti

Need some menu ideas? Head on over to & check it out!

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